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Make Sure Your Sound Is On And Watch The Video Below

“Get A FREE Copy Of Amazon's Hottest New Release

‘The NO B.S. Direct Marketing

For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ Book Today!”

“Get A FREE Copy

Of Amazon's Hottest New Release

‘The NO B.S. Direct Marketing

For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ Book Today!”

Make Sure Your Sound Is On And Watch The Video Below

Plus Get Over $6,193 In FREE Gifts

Including The Direct Marketing Toolkit, And Access To The 4-Hour Training With 21 Of The Most Elite Marketers Who Share Their #1 Direct Marketing Strategy That Produced The Biggest Bang For Their Buck With Your Order Today!

Here’s Why So Many Business Owners Praise The

NO B.S. Direct Marketing Book

“For the last 20 years, every penny, every dollar I have given Dan Kennedy has come back to me a hundredfold! My entire life changed when I started listening to Dan Kennedy.”

Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels

“The most profitable advice I have learned has come from Dan Kennedy! I can only hope what you take from this has the same impact for you.”

Rich Schefren, Strategic Profits

“I went from broke to staring on ABC’s hit show The Secret Millionaire by using the strategies in this book!”

James Malinchak,

“I heard someone refer to Dan Kennedy as the ‘Millionaire Maker’ and I knew I must be in the right place because that’s what I aspired to be! And I am very happy to say that as a result of Dan’s teachings it transformed my business and my life. This book is so powerful because I operate businesses that aren’t direct response businesses, but they use all of the principles that Dan talks about in this book. Rule #4 is the rule that changed my life!”

Dan Bradbury,

“I’ve been learning from Dan Kennedy for 25 years and just when I think I know it all he comes out with a new book and I realize what I haven’t been doing that’s been costing me money!

Greg Luther,

“I don’t know if Dan knows how much this book changed my life. I made the mistake of thinking that this ‘old guy’ couldn’t teach me anything new – boy was I wrong! My entire first business was built off Rule #6 from this book. We went from a start up to seven figures in the first year!”

Brad Martineau,

From: Dan Kennedy
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Small Business Owner,

If you’re reading this, then chances are you know who I am (or at least heard of one or two of my stories) and perhaps are well-aware of my 40+ years in direct response marketing, including the countless “Renegade Millionaires” I’ve helped create, giving me the moniker ‘The Millionaire Maker.’

Now, that’s not to brag – it’s simply to give weight to this fact: I’m good at what I do, and chances are, you’re pretty damn good at doing business yourself.

However, if you’re like 98.7% of small business owners today – the ones who are sick and tired of banging up against a “profit ceiling,” not seeing the desired results from all of the hard work – then I invite you to read on…

​And if you want nothing more than to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary using tried ‘n’ true (oftentimes controversial) and highly-profitable direct marketing strategies that cut out the stress, frustration, and overwhelm you feel when marketing or advertising your business – then by all means, read on

And if the idea of sipping some “foo-foo” drink on the beach while your toes are being tickled by a gentle breeze, knowing full well your business is moving along swimmingly without you being at the helm 24/7...

then don’t stop dear reader, this letter is for YOU!

Here's the story:

On May 21st, 2024 – We officially launched our newest edition of the ‘NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ book.

That day, we invited 21 of the most elite marketers in the world to come share their marketing strategies, as well as help us promote this life-altering book.

At 10:43 am, (approximately few hours into our launch), we received a shocking message:

“Stupid Internet,” I thought to myself. So, my team hurried over to Amazon to see what all the hub-bub was about, only to receive the following message:

“You’ve Sold Out Of All Copies”

When word got back, you could see the red faces on the team.

They quickly transitioned the books over to Barnes & Noble, and sure enough, we were soon told, “We’ll be selling out shortly.”

My team couldn’t believe it.

In a single day, we shut down Amazon, broke Barnes & Nobles, and then Entrepreneur Press sent an email to Darcy, stating the following:

I’m here to inform you that – this was no act of “God” or “Luck” or something out of the blue.

The selling out of this book, while pissed me off, made sense.

As annoying as it was to sell out all copies of the book, it inadvertently became a testament in just how powerful and persuasive the marketing strategies contained in 'NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses' really are. 

Since then, we have had thousands of support emails from small business owners dying to get their hands on this book.

A few found it being sold on eBay, while others were willing to pay outrageous prices to ship it overnight via FedEx.

​After getting everything in control, and after meeting with the publishers, I chose to personally sell the copies of the book myself. (Big lesson right there if you’re the business owner – the power of OWNING your work, from start to finish.)

So rather than paying the $22.49 on Amazon or the $24.99 on Barnes & Noble for the book (or the crazily marked up prices on eBay), I've taken back full control and have chose to “GIFT” you the NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses' right here on this page for FREE!

​Plus, to make it even more enticing, I’ve gone ahead and added specifically-chosen bonuses (which you will ONLY see on this page) designed to give small business owners the chance to 10X their results 10X faster!

These bonuses include:

  • The Direct Marketing Toolkit (containing all the tools needed to implement the ideas from the book directly into your business like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.)
  • Access to our 4-hour training done with 21 Elite marketers who shared their #1 Direct Marketing strategy that produced the biggest bang for their buck!
  • Legendary Swipe File from the top 21 Elite Marketers in the world sharing their best marketing & advertising material working today (568 pages long)

There is, however,
some bad news...

My publisher has placed a “cap” on me, therefore, we’ve only been able to re-print a limited number of copies to give out for free – and once they’re gone, then this page, and this offer, will disappear faster than Hilary’s presidential campaign.

That means if you’re on this page right now, then you’re in luck – we still have copies of my book available to give for FREE. But I wouldn’t putz around “thinking” about it – I’d get a move on and do it now before it’s too late.

The button underneath these words is what you want to click or tap, and from there, you can place your order and I’ll make sure you get your FREE copy of ‘No B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ gets to you asap.​

When You ORDER TODAY, You'll Also Receive...

Dan Kennedy's Direct Marketing Toolkit, & Access To The Exclusive 4-Hour Training with 21 Of The Most Elite Marketers Who Share Their #1 Direct Marketing Strategy That Produced The Biggest Bang For Their Buck…


All we ask is that you pay the small, one-time $9.95 shipping, printing, and handling fee ($19.95 for international) and soon, you’ll have the single greatest marketing and advertising book with the potential to skyrocket your business right before your very eyes!


When You Get Your Hands On A FREE Copy Of My Book:

  • How to ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you run a profitable Direct Marketing campaign without wasting your time, attention, or money. (Page 1)
  • A new set of insight on modeling that I discovered after coaching thousands of businesses and how it can be a powerful, efficient, and profitable strategy for you (but only if you choose the right model.) (Page 2)
  • The #1 sales-destroying mistake 99% of small business owners must avoid. (Target, Bud Light, and Disney made this EXACT same mistake that erased Billions of dollars in their valuation almost overnight!) (Page 3)
  • The “Madison Avenue” advertising strategy created by the greatest ad men of the Mad Men era that gets people to buy, even premium prices, immediately without resistance. (Page 7)
  • The “beginner-proof” secret to out-compete, and out-sell your competitors and attract unlimited leads (even if your competitors have more money than you.) (Page 18)
  • Why 99.9% of marketers screw up when creating their message, and how you can get it right the first time using what I call the “Results Triangle.” (Page 20)
  • The WORST mistake you can possibly make, with offers. This can sabotage your entire marketing campaign, make you lose thousands of dollars and unknowingly drive your customers away. (Don't worry, I added the solution.) (Page 26)
  • The little-known “copy tweak” that takes less time to do (even if you're not a writer) and can drastically increase the response rate of any campaign, ad, or sales letter. (Page 34)
  • Exactly what to say before asking for a sale. (This comes straight from testing over hundreds of “calls to action” scripts.) (Page 46)
  • The Steve Jobs secret to pulling out of bankruptcy and start retaining customers longer, increasing client retention, referrals, and reviews without sucking up to them. (Page 48)
  • A “stealth” way to hit two-birds with one stone in creating marketing campaigns that builds your brand awareness and gets you customers who are ready to buy – for FREE. (page 59)
  • How to find an extra million dollars in your business. Hint: It's not by working harder, cutting costs, or even taking out a loan. (Most business owners realize this “little known” strategy too late) (Page 69)
  • Does your copy pass my irresistibility test? Make this ONE change and watch the results of your ad, sales letter, or even marketing flyer skyrocket. (Page 81)
  • The ONE rule that trumps all other rules of Direct Marketing. Without this, nothing else matters. Not your product, not your service, and not even your business. (Page 96)
  • How to use Napoleon Hill's secret principle in your marketing to sustain success for decades. (Page 104)
  • Why going through your trade association (locally or online) can dramatically increase the response rate of your sales letter. (I've personally gotten many of my best and most profitable campaigns by doing this simple, yet effective, strategy numerous times). (Page 114)
  • 5 hypnotic ways to communicate your message that infiltrates into your prospects' psyche without them realizing it! This works even if you think you can't competently capture attention, have a hard time getting your point across, or connect with your audience. (Page 118)
  • The Dale Carnegie Secret to achieving an infinitely higher response from your customers, and without doing extra work. (Page 123)
  • The EXACT methods that took thousands of businesses from a 10% customer retention to a 72% retention in less than a year. (So easy a 5-year old could do it.) (Page 140)
  • My Pre-Call Strategy that triples your conversion rates before you even hop on a phone call with a lead. (My private clients have been raving about this for years!) (Page 149)
  • The secret to becoming the ONLY go-to option even if your competitors offer a lower price. (This creates undeniable value, and helps your client see you as their one and only solution.) (Page 157)
  • The least expensive way to craft an offer so compelling that your prospect will cross over a broken bridge to buy from you. (Page 192)


Including TONS of real, proven examples and swipes you can model for your business.

I promise as you read this short book in just 10-minute chunks every day, whether it’s first thing in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee, or right before bed, you can begin to see your business in a whole new way, giving you the tools and knowledge to skyrocket your sales, increase customer retention and referrals, and out-compete all your competitors within a few short months.

That’s the kind of power this book holds.

It contains REAL “in the trenches” direct response marketing and business strategies taken DIRECTLY from working with hundreds of thousands of businesses over the last 40+ years!

That is why you should get a physical copy of the ‘NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ book, write notes in it, highlight it, and let it be your guide to helping you market your business!

Send Your Address And We Will Rush A FREE Copy Of The

NO B.S. Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Business Book!

Reading just 10 minutes a day can help you achieve real results in your business with the 10 NO B.S. Rules of Direct Marketing.

Claim $6,193 Worth Of FREE Marketing And Money-Making Resources

When You order Your Free Book Today, Which Includes...

The NO B.S. Direct Marketing Toolkit

[Value $1,978]

We only had so much space in the book to share the power of Direct Marketing, that is why we put together the Direct Marketing Toolkit jam-packed with the tools you need to implement the ideas in the book!

Inside Your NO B.S. Direct Marketing Toolkit, you’ll get…

  • FREE Resource #1: “Why Advertising Fails & How To Make Yours Succeed” Dan Kennedy's Video Training

How often have you spent money on an ad only for it to fall flat, bringing only a fraction of the results you dreamed of? Unfortunately, this happens far too often. But what’s to blame - the company, the format of the ad, or the product itself?

​In this 2-Part Training, Dan Kennedy answers these questions and more, so you can understand why your advertising dollars are being thrown into a bottomless pit - and what you can do to fix it!

  • FREE Resource #2: “How Marty Fort Used Dan's Principles To Create and Grow 7 Businesses And How You Can Do The Same”

During this presentation, you will learn the 10 unique things that Marty Fort did to take his businesses from zero cash, to millions in sales and how you can use them to attract a flood of your ideal customers with certainty.

  • FREE Resource #3: “How To Successfully Use Smart ONLINE Direct Marketing”

During this masterclass, Darcy Juarez and Marty Fort reveal how to translate direct marketing which is often mislabeled as direct mail and apply it to digital marketing to build your online marketing toolkit. 

  • FREE Resource #4: “Dan Kennedy's 10 Commandements”

The 10 No B.S. Rules Of Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketers.

You Will Want To Print This Out, Hang It On Your Wall Or By Your Computer, And Use It As The Most Powerful Checklist When You Are Making A New Advertisement, Or Marketing For Any Means.

  • FREE Resource #5: “The Direct Marketing Quick Start Guide”

This Powerful One-Sheet Details The Action Items You Must Take To Turn Your Business Into A Direct Marketing Machine. Post This Sheet Next To Your Desk And Check Off Each Item As You Move Through The System.

  • FREE Resource #6: “The Direct Marketing Toolkit Checklist”

Use This Checklist To Transform Your Business Into A Direct-Marketing Machine That Lets You Sleep Easy At Night Knowing Exactly Where Your Next Customer Will Come From. End The Roller Coaster Of Marketing And Frustration.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The NO B.S. Direct Marketing Book From This Page Today!

Access To The

'21 Elite Marketers Share THEIR ONE Direct Marketing Strategy That Produced The Biggest Bang For Their Buck'

4-Hour Training

[Value $997]

As mentioned earlier in this letter, we recently did a book launch event for the ‘NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ with 21 of the most Elite Marketers in the world.

These people included Russell Brunson, Stu McLaren, Rich Schefren, Brian Kurtz, Darcy Juarez, Marty Fort, and many more ELITE speakers.

​It’s a 4-hour rapid-fire training, where each presenter went straight into what they did and how they did it so you can implement their strategy in your business tomorrow. When you get the NO B.S. Direct Marketing book, you’ll get instant access to the training – immediately!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The NO B.S. Direct Marketing Book From This Page Today!

Legendary Swipe File from The
Top 21 Elite marketers in the world

Legendary Swipe File from The Top 21 Elite marketers in the world

Sharing Their Best Strategies working Today
(568 pages!!!)

[Value $3,000]

Yes, our speakers gave away their best resources to all our attendees to help them market their business in 2024 and beyond.

We compiled all of them in a single 568-page long document that you can access when you get a FREE copy of the ‘NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ book.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The NO B.S. Direct Marketing Book From This Page Today!

Here’s Everything You Get For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The Brand New

'NO B.S. Direct Marketing For
non-Direct Marketing Businesses'

From This Page TODAY!

  • FREE Copy of the NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Business Book

(Value $24)

  • The NO B.S. Direct Marketing Toolkit - this includes:

(Value $1,978)

  • FREE Resource #1: “Why Advertising fails & how to make yours succeed” dan kennedy's video training
  • FREE Resource #2: “how marty fort used dan's principles to create and grow 7 businesses and how you can do the same”
  • fREE Resource #3: “How to successfully use smart ONLINE Direct marketing”
  • FREE Resource #4: “dan kennedy's 10 commandments of direct marketing” (these commandments are ESSENTIAL to follow if you want to get customers that stick with your for LIFE!)
  • FREE resource #5: “the direct marketing quick start guide”
  • FREE resource #6: “the direct marketing toolkit checklist”
  • FREE Access To The '21 Elite Marketers Share THE ONE Direct Marketing Strategy That Produced the Biggest Bang For Their Buck' 4-Hour Training

(Value $997)

  • FREE Legendary Swipe File From The Top 21 Elite Marketers In The World (568-Page Long) – so you can model the best direct marketing strategies that elite marketers are using for enormous success

(Value $3,000)

Total Value: $6,193


When You Claim Your Copy Of The Brand New 'NO B.S. Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses' Book Today!

Why Time Is Of The Essence

We have a limited number of copies available to give away for free.

And creating, printing, and shipping new copies for FREE could take weeks.

So if you’re seeing this page right now, then that means we still have FREE copies of The ‘NO B.S. Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses’ still available!

But you must act fast before it’s too late!

(Remember, once we’re gone, this page CLOSES, and that’s all she wrote.)

Not to mention, you will also lose out on all the bonuses if you don’t act right away!

100% NO B.S. Money-Back Guarantee

I 100% GUARANTEE that you will love this book, or I will not only return your shipping fee, I will let you keep the book for FREE!

You don't even have to send anything back.

Just look me in the eye, over email, and let me know that you didn't get a single valuable piece of marketing advice and I'll happily give you your money back with no questions asked.

Here's What To Do Next

To claim your free copy of the 'NO B.S. Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Business' Book...


Go ahead and click or tap on the “Yes, Rush My Free Book!” button below now.


Enter your information including where to send your free book and we'll get your order out right away!


As soon as your books get to you– crack them open right away and begin building the business of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is the NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing book for MY business??

If you need to attract customers, clients, or patients - then this book is for you! When most people open their business they thought they were going to be doing the business, what they didn’t realize is that customers, clients, or patients don’t magically appear. What no one told you was that you were going to need to be a marketer of your services. So, we’re all in the marketing business of our business. No matter if you’re a butcher, baker, or a candlestick maker. Whether you sell products or services. If you want more sales, retain customers, and have the highest return on your investment with your advertising…then yes, this book is 100% for you.

+ Is the information inside these books still relevant?

Yes, this is the updated, brand new, 4th edition of this book, and was JUST released. The first edition of this book was written back in 2006, before the explosion of social media and the importance given to it as a marketing media, before all sorts of new media demanded business owners' attention. Now as we wrote this new edition, business people are more the “advertising victims” than ever. They are confused and overwhelmed and hollered at. Told that they must do this, that, and the other thing. That they need to do more and more and more - just to get the same results. We are here to mute that noise. To guide you to clarity about a relatively short list of fundamental principles and strategies to prevent your being lost in a deep, dense forest of media demanding your attention, time, and money.

+ Is this book really FREE?

Yes! All I ask is that you pay the small, one-time $9.95 shipping, & handling fee, and we’ll send a physical copy of The NO B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses book directly to where you live.

+ What if the book doesn’t help me?

It’s highly unlikely. Unless you never open the book, and it catches dust on your shelves like most wanna-be’s who get books. Now – if you do not find a single shred of value contained within either of these books (again, it’s nearly impossible), then we’ll refund your money and you can keep the book on us.

+ When will my book get to me?

Within the United States, please allow 5 to 7 business days to get your order. For international, please allow 11 to 15 days.

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